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Improving Your Home for the New Year

Posted: December 28, 2016 by Coldwell Banker Ackley

Here at CBAR, we put together a list of different ways you can improve your home for the upcoming New Year. 

1) Organize and Declutter

Organizing and decluttering is actually proven to make people happier. It grants peace of mind and serenity. It's worth having spring cleaning a little early to kick off the new year right. Get some big baskets and just start throwing your clutter into trendy mess concealers. 

2) Add Greens

Inside and out. Another thing proven to spike happiness is greens. Put some flowers inside your home. Or plant some trees outside! It makes a huge difference to the energy of the home.  

3) Make small improvements (like paint, molding, or replacing lights/fixtures)

Small improvements can make a big different. Do a little home evaluation and see what small things you can fix. Pinterest can be a great resource for this and other DIY projects. Refreshing paint and changing light fixtures can completely update the look of your home. 

4) Replace or update emergency supplies

Check out emergency supplies like fire extinguisher, flash lights, carbon dioxide sensors, first aid kits, and other important but forgotten supplies. Make sure everything is stocked up and working properly. 

5) Replace anything nonfunctional 

Is there anything in your home that is nonfunctional or not working? DUMP IT. Take the new year to do a light inventory check and get rid of things that aren't providing you and your home value.

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