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Gen Blue Recap

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Posted: October 23, 2017 by Kristen Ackley

Our team members wanted to share what we learned at Gen Blue in Las Vegas this past week. Gen Blue is a huge conference that Coldwell Banker hosts.  Thousands of Realtors, managers, investors, and coaches attend to learn about the market and trends, share their best practices, and network. Some topics that stood out to our attending members were goal setting, marketing, and teams. 

Goal Setting 

All of the real estate coaches talked about goals. We all know that goals are important but THEY ARE SO IMPORTANT. A suggestion from Tom Ferry is 5DX 

1) Set wildly important goals
2) Convert to monthly, weekly, daily - Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
3) Review scoreboards
4) Up your accountability
5) Celebrate your success! (the fun part) 

Remember some people work for money and other work for purpose. It's import to always redetermine what motivates you and include that in your goals.

Set you goals ambitiously! And then add a 0 on the end!! 


Social media has been the prevalent platform for marketing recently. Facebook has basically become the internet. 2.1 Billion people are on Facebook and that number is growing rapidly. The best way to put information on Facebook and even by email is VIDEOS! Videos should be the majority of content that you are putting out. 5 ways to improve (Tom Ferry again)

1) Simplify your landing pages
2) Model the best sites out there (like Facebook)
3) Make it easy to schedule appointments
4) Create a culture of always be testing (ABT) - make sure your marketing is measurable
5) Ask on it all - Email, phone, DM (real time robots), Landing Pages, Face to face... etc 


The top 250 teams have had an average of 42% growth over the past 5 years. This is big news. There are a few different team structures that have proven to be successful. We will be exclusively sharing these with our agents. We will be discussing all-things-teams during our agent meetings. This is including team options, success stories, do's and don'ts, and everything in between. We are always adjusting to the market and we thing this is a very important part of the future of real estate.

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